Surface treatment methods for aluminum rollers
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Different surface treatments or coatings for aluminum rollers:
1. Universal white oxide surface: With a moderate surface hardness of HV300, it has a lower cost and can also provide surfaces of different colors (such as pure black) according to customer requirements, suitable for the low tension film industry.
2. Brown hard oxidized surface: High surface hardness of HV700 and oxide film thickness of 0.1mm or above. The oxidation technology introduced from Taiwan has high hardness and high wear resistance, which can be applied to various high tension and thicker materials, greatly improving the service life of aluminum rollers.
3. Teflon surface: The special Teflon coating makes the ink easy to clean and provides moderate anti adhesion.
4. Rubber surface: With aluminum rollers as the core shaft, different adhesive layers can provide versatility with different characteristics and hardness.
5. Industrial hard chromium surface: Surface hardness and corrosion resistance, surface roughness can be as low as Ra0.01 (ultra mirror surface), which is suitable for higher speed machines compared to traditional chrome plated steel rolls and lightweight chrome plated aluminum rolls.
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