【Electromagnetic induction heating roller】

Electromagnetic induction heating roller:
The electromagnetic induction heating roller of Roewe Roll Manufacturing Company has no sealing oil medium (i.e. no oil discharge sealing heating), which makes the temperature difference ≤ ± 1 ℃, truly achieving safety, uniform temperature, environmental protection, and energy conservation!
Note: The electromagnetic heating roll is sealed and heated with oil, just like an ticking time bomb scenario! At any time or any day, there will be a serious safety hazard!
Roewe Roll truly masters the core technology of electromagnetic induction heating rolls!
1) Material processing: Select high-quality 45 # steel, alloy steel, and high-quality steel, and use * * heat treatment process for quenching, stress relief, and quenching. The inner wall of the roller is finely turned with uniform wall thickness, and the hardness after quenching can reach HRC55-58.
2) Internal structure: composed of a central axis, insulation layer, heating layer, radiation layer, insulation layer, reflection layer, high-temperature coating layer, etc. from the inside out.
3) Heating method: Electromagnetic induction heating, with an energy-saving efficiency of 50-70%. The surface temperature of the electromagnetic induction heating roller can reach over 400 ℃. Surface treatment: plated with hard chromium, sprayed with ceramics or tungsten carbide, treated with precision grinding, grinding and polishing, with a roughness of Ra0.01 (smoothness level 14).
5) Processing accuracy: Roll surface temperature difference ≤ ± 1 ℃, thermal deformation ≤ 0.01mm, straightness, runout, coaxiality ≤ 0.005mm Features and advantages: Electromagnetic heating rolls have many advantages such as high temperature control accuracy, good temperature uniformity, fast heating and cooling speed, easy maintenance, low energy consumption, safety, environmental protection, and pollution-free.
Electromagnetic heating roller application fields: rolling, calendering, laminating, peritoneum, drying, preheating, embossing, embossing, etc. in plastic sheets, sheets, films, paper, leather, cloth, rubber, anti-counterfeiting laser materials, hot stamping, textile, printing and dyeing, metal, non-woven materials, electronics and other industries.

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